Drs. Auke Hoekstra

Senior Advisor at Eindhoven University of Technology & TNO
Keynote session: Policy blockers and opportunities for massive roll-out. About Auke Hoekstra

Drs. Bert Klerk

Chair of NKL, the Netherlands Knowledge Platform for Public Charging Infrastructure
Together with Auke Hoekstra he will open the Future Of Charging Symposium 2020 by taking us to the year 2030, when every new car will be electric. About Bert Klerk

Michiel van Esch

Project Manager EV at the municipality of The Hague
Michiel will present the Draft Policy Guideline for Fastcharging, together with Robbie Blok of NKL. About Michiel van Esch

Dr. Ir. Aart-Jan de Graaf

Professor of Control Systems at HAN University of Applied Sciences
Aart-Jan’s research on control systems engineering focusses on applications that support the energy transition. In his keynote he will illustrate the opportunities and obstacles of battery flexibility. About Aart-Jan de Graaf

Dr. Ir. Ballard Asare-Bediako

Programme Line Manager Research & Innovation at SEECE at HAN University of Applied Sciences
Understanding the dynamics of the electrical system, and the role of (EV) batteries: a research perspective. About Ballard Asare-Bediako

Wim Boonen MSc

CEO of Enervalis
The conflicting propositions and market models around battery flexibility and a future perspective About Wim Boonen

Ir. Joost Laarakkers

Senior Business Consultant on Smart Grids at TNO
Joost shares his view on new energy, mobility and the built environment: an architecture of stakeholders and interests About Joost Laarakkers

Harm Welleweerd MA

Co-owner iwell b.v.
Harm will give an overview of V2G pilots in ‘Proeftuin Slimme Laadpleinen’ and first results and dilemma’s About Harm Welleweerd

Drs. Frank Geerts

Manager Smart Charging Development at ElaadNL
In his breakout session Frank will give us an overview of smart charging possibilities. About Frank Geerts

Ir. Jelle Meersmans

Product Manager at Enervalis
Jelle will provide insights on the conflicting propositions around using battery flexibility. About Jelle Meersmans

Dr. Ir. Rudi Bekkers

Professor and chair of Standardisation and Intellectual Property at Eindhoven University of Technology
In his keynote Rudi will use a telco perspective to tell us more about future-proof methods of interoperability and the role of protocols. About Rudi Bekkers

Maarten de Vries MSc

Programme manager TKI Urban Energy
Maarten will provide insights on innovation projects and other developments in the field of smart charging with regard to the Urban Energy domain. He will also present an overview of multiple national program support actions (funding schemes) by the Topsector Energy. About Maarten de Vries

Drs. Ing. Harm van den Brink

IT architect Electric Vehicles at ElaadNL
In his breakout session Harm will conduct a risk assessment on data security for charging. About Harm van den Brink

Ir. Anneke Bosma

EU Programme manager Sustainable Mobility at Netherlands Enterprise Agency
Anneke will tell us more about the EU program IDACS: ID and Data Collection for sustainable fuels in Europe. About Anneke Bosma

Dr. Ir. Robert van den Hoed

Lector Energy and Innovation at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Together with Ruud Noordijk Robert will present the end results of the project 'Simulaad: analyzing smart charging strategies and charging behaviour'. What predictions can be made for future charging behaviour and which data models are suitable?About Robert van den Hoed

Dr. Ir. Frank Rieck

Professor of Future Mobility at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences
City logistics and smaller trucks make use of existing charging infrastructure:
How is this part of current policy making? About Frank Rieck

Dr. Walther Ploos van Amstel

Professor in City Logistics at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Walthers breakout session is about: To Hub or not to Hub, a breakdown of usecases for charging. About Walther Ploos van Amstel

Hans Bekkers

Business Development Manager Public Transport of VDL Bus & Coach bv
In his breakout session Hans will have a look inside pilots making technology work for reliability and customer experience. About Hans Bekkers

Ir. Maarten Verbeek

Consultant Sustainable Transport & Mobility at TNO
Together with Anouk van der Veeken Maarten will tell us about the research project 'Corridor charging for Heavy duty applications'. About Maarten Verbeek

Anouk van der Veeken

Advisor Sustainable Mobility at Rijkswaterstaat
See above. About Anouk van der Veeken

Nienke Onnen

Project Manager at Natuur & Milieu
The Electric Semi is coming; Challenges for Charging Infrastructure About Nienke Onnen

Jeroen Baartmans

Consultant Zero Emission Transport at BREYTNER
Charging trucks in Rotterdam area: a zero emission work in progress. About Jeroen Baartmans

Prof. dr. Albert Veenstra

Professor of Trade and Logistics at RSM Erasmus University and Scientific Director of TKI-Dinalog, Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics
Together with Roland Ferwerda Albert will give a presentation of the Guidelines logistics charging for cities. About Albert Veenstra

Roland Ferwerda MSc

Director of NKL, the Netherlands Knowledge Platform for Public Charging Infrastructure
See above. About Roland Ferwerda

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