Program 10 & 11 March 2020

With more than 20 sessions and panels spanning 4 tracks, it gives you ample opportunity to learn, discover and contribute.

Our keynote line-up include inspiring experts making real impact, from lab to market and public space. The panels, workshops and knowledge sharing sessions allow you to dive deep in a particular topic and get an overview of an area of your interest. It also offers plenty of opportunity to broaden your network which makes the symposium an essential knowledge hub for everyone who wants to make a difference in this field.

Tuesday 10 March (9.30-17.00)

Track 1: Who's in charge of scaling up?

  • In 2030 every newly sold car will be electric. We all want to plug in and charge our car hassle free, anytime, anywhere. Who’s in charge to make this happen? And how to innovate?
  • When moving towards one million charging points, what are policy blockers, what are accelerators? Hurray for Euro Commissioner Frans Timmermans’ European Green Deal, but is that enough?
  • What are limiting factors for a large roll-out of public infrastructure and how can we tackle them?

Speakers: Auke Hoekstra (Eindhoven University of Technology & director NEON), Bert Klerk (NKL), Koen Schröder (APPM), Gerard van der Werf (Motivaction), Anouk van der Veeken and Maarten Verbeek (TNO), Roland Ferwerda (NKL) and policy makers from cities and provinces.

Track 2: Who's in charge of flexibility?

  • Who are the most important actors and stakeholders in the charging process and energy flexibility? Why is battery flexibility so important and who will make use of it?
  • Battery flexibility has a lot of potential for the electricity system. Which technological innovations and policy changes are needed to optimize this?

Speakers: Aart-Jan de Graaf and Ballard Asare-Bediako (HAN University of Applied Sciences), Wim Boonen (Enervalis), Frank Geerts (ElaadNL) and Maarten de Vries (TKI Urban Energy), Peter Swart (Municipality of Arnhem), Hugo Niesing (Resourcefully), Steven Haverman (Univerity of Twente).

Wednesday 11 March (9.30-17.00)

Track 3: Who's in charge of data?

  • Which charging data do we need for decision making, market predictions and an optimal EV driver experience? Which new streams of data will come available?
  • Who owns the data, who protects it?
  • And which future-proof methods of interoperability and protocols do we need?

Speakers: Rudi Bekkers (Eindhoven University of Technology), Anneke Bosma (Netherlands Enterprise Agency), Robert van den Hoed (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences), Frank Rieck (Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences).

Track 4: Who's in charge of charging commercial vehicles?

  • Trucks, public buses, touring cars etc. need their own charging infra. What is needed to be able to deliver an attractive and economic Zero Emission logistics operation in 2030?
  • How can we speed-up the electrification of commercial vehicles?
  • How will electrified powertrain solutions make logistics more sustainable?

Speakers: Albert Veenstra (Dinalog), Maarten Verbeek (TNO), Jeroen Baartmans (BREYTNER), Walther Ploos van Amstel (HvA and Connekt), Hans Bekkers (VDL) and Nienke Onnen (Natuur & Milieu), Rob Kroon (FIER Automotive)