My future of electric charging

Autonomous electric vehicles are the future

Mister Green’s founders never intended to run a lease company. Still, today Mister Green is the largest lease company of electric vehicles in the Netherlands. Our mission statement: we will not rest until fossil fuel is banned from this world.
The number of electric vehicles is growing, but charging infrastructure is a major roadblock: charge points tend to be occupied due to slow charging. Moreover, there is a lack of vision on how to fast-charge autonomous electric vehicles (AEV).
Switching to an electric vehicle has only been the beginning. We need to accelerate the adoption of AEV, in particular AEV in transport-as-a-service platforms.

It will only take a few years to have fully autonomous vehicles on the road. Autonomous driving means you could literally get into the vehicle, go to sleep and wake up at your destination, a vehicle that drives you to the office, drops you off, drives away for a parking spot and picks you up wherever or whenever you want. Tesla is testing an autonomous vehicle, the hardware is already there. Key legal and safety issues should be resolved in a few years.
Analysts predict that by 2030, 95% of US vehicle miles will be travelled in shared AEVs. Consumers will needs ultra-fast charging infrastructure near restaurants and shops, a redevelopment of parking spots near our homes, a development of guarded service centres in cities for AEV to charge, wash, for maintenance and repair. Autonomous electric vehicles are the future we need to adapt to.