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The world of charging
infrastructure for electric vehicles is dynamic in two ways: growth is fast, and new developments are continuous. Market parties and governments must be on the alert to keep up with this dynamic.
Insights from a scie
ntific perspective are an important aid in this. Growth rates and simulation models are indispensable to define policies for the electric future. Scientific insights are also essential when linking energy infrastructure with charging infrastructure. Join the platform; share insights, let us know about your relevant research.

Research reports and presentations divided into six themes:


Look back at the international, annually organised, Future of Charging Symposium. 

Project overview and insight in Dutch funding opportunities in the Urban Energy Domain

TKI Urban Energy promotes innovation and supports Dutch companies and knowledge institutes in defining  and financing projects that contribute to the transition towards a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy system in the urban environment. More information (in Dutch):

Future of Charging Symposium 2019: an impression 

Science meets Market

The annual Future of Charging symposium took place on 19 & 20 February 2019 at Eindhoven University of Technology. It was attended by representatives from governmental organisations, market parties and research institutes, who shared knowledge and insights.

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