Speakers 2019

Prof. Dr. Ir. Ing. Rudi Bekkers – keynote speaker, Chair
Professor of Standardization and Intellectual Property at Eindhoven University of Technology
Professor Rudi Bekkers will provide key historical insights for achieving a successful and user-centric roaming infrastructure for Electric Vehicles. Profile


Dr. Ing. Daniel Stetter – keynote speaker, track 1 speaker
Head of Smart Energy Systems at Fraunhofer IAO Stuttgart
Dr Stetter will provide insights on smart grids and system thinking, mobility and electricity, the future of mobility for companies and fleet management. Profile


Drs. Bert Klerk – keynote speaker
Chairman of national roundtable on EV in Netherlands (FET) and Board Member of NKL
Mr Klerk will provide an overview of scientific insights gained and challenges faced in the Dutch EV market over the past eight years and the outlook for the challenges ahead. Profile


Roland Ferwerda MSc – keynote speaker
Director of NKL, the Netherlands Knowledge Platform for Public Charging Infrastructure
Joint keynote speaker with prof. Rudi Bekkers, mr Ferwerda will focus on the translation of key insights into future projects and ambitions. Profile


Ir. Mark Smidt PDEng – keynote speaker
Director of Business Development at Heliox
Mr Smidt will discuss how to provide charging solutions to trucks in a logistics operation and how to develop this new market. Profile


Dr. Ir. Robert van den Hoed – keynote speaker
Lector Energy and Innovation at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Dr Van den Hoed will give an overview of the provisional main results of the IDO-Laad research program. Profile


Jaap Burger MA and Philipp Renard MSc – track 1 speaker
City of Amsterdam
Mr Burger and Mr Renard will discuss the use of data analysis to improve demand-driven rollout of public charging infrastructure in Amsterdam. Profile J Burger Profile P Renard


Matthijs Kok MSc and Harm-Jan Idema MSc – track 1 speakers
City of Utrecht and APPM Management Consultants
Mr Kok and Mr Idema will discuss a model they have developed to establish a new charging policy. Profile M Kok Profile HJ Idema


Lonneke Driessen-Mutters MSc – track 2 speaker, panel
Director of Standardization at Open Charge Alliance, ELaad
Ms Driessen will look back at the results of Plugfest 2.0 and go into details related to the challenges and benefits of using ISO 15118. Profile


Ir. Lennart Verheijen – track 2 speaker
Innovation Manager at GreenFlux
Mr Verheijen will share insights from the Electric Nation project, the largest smart charging project in the world so far. Profile


Dietrich Sümmermann – track 2 speaker, panel
Chairman of the Share&Charge foundation
Mr Sümmermann will share the pro’s and con’s of applying Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) such as blockchain in service delivery for charging EVs. Profile


Barbara van Duin, CCXP – track 3 speaker
Customer Experience Expert
Mrs Van Duin will discuss the Customer Experience around rollout of charging networks. Profile


Maarten Hachmang – track 3 speaker
Director and owner of laadpastop10.nl
Mr Hachmang will share his perspective on the Charging Experience as part of the Customer Experience Dialogue, based on practical experiences. Profile


Drs. Gert Jan Prummel – track 4 speaker
Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Secretary of Green Deal Zero Emission City Logistics
Mr Prummel will discuss the impact of ZE light and heavy duty vehicles for city logistics. Profile


Frans Verbruggen – track 4 speaker
PhD Candidate at Eindhoven University of Technology
Mr Verbruggen will give an overview of the electric trucks coming to market and the use case research into heavy duty trucks. Profile


Drs. Auke Hoekstra – keynote speaker, track 4 speaker
Senior Advisor at Eindhoven University of Technology & Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO)
Mr Hoekstra will discuss the impact of fast charging infrastructure on grids and energy market. Profile


Maarten de Vries MSc – panel
Programme manager TKI urban Energy
Mr De Vries will provide insights on innovation projects and other developments in the field of smart charging with regard to the Urban Energy domain. Furthermore he presents an overview of multiple national program support actions (funding schemes) by the Topsector Energy. Profile

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