SparkCity: agent-based model for realistic scenarios

What developments will be seen in the use of electric vehicles if the price of oil rises? Or when the price of batteries halves? And suppose that a CO2 tax is introduced… SparkCity is a simulation model that can be used to test this. It comprises thousands of realistic ‘units’ (households) that respond autonomously to changes in the parameters.

This agent-based model is not based on absolute mathematical logic, but true-to-life psychological and other variable factors. It has often been the case that the expectations from data-based models were at odds with disruptive developments. They presented an incorrect picture upon which government bodies had to determine policy.

Among other things, SparkCity foresees an exponential growth in the use of electric vehicles because the real benefits are greater than people imagine. SparkCity will become more refined as more businesses, researchers and government bodies add data. Presentation Eindhoven University