Allego location choice model: Drive the market or follow?

How do you know where to provide what charging infrastructure? This cannot be decided off the top of your head: it will be for the long term, irreversible and have an effect on cost development and the environment. Allego, supplier of charging infrastructure in the Netherlands, examined 4 million transactions between 2013 and 2017 to serve as input for analytical models, which Allego uses to make predictions. This will result in decisions in 2019.

For three areas (motorways, city rings and city centres), Allego will determine the traffic intensity, the number of electric vehicles in the area, accessibility from two sides and the degree of urbanisation.

Success factors will add weight to a location. A scale division will then be made, after which a multiple score will be established. The locations with the highest scores will be recommended as new locations or adjusted to the market potential.
Researchers have already discovered that the analyses for each area cannot be used as a standard for other areas. Other factors, including the energy price, battery price and government policy, add further uncertainty.

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