FlexPower Amsterdam:
Save for the peaks during off-peak hours

Flexible use of the existing grid does not have to mean that an increase in the number of electric vehicles will result in a proportional increase in the charging infrastructure. This has been demonstrated in a project on the Raamplein in the electric transport capital of Amsterdam.

Together with the grid operators Nuon and Alliander and with ElaadNL supplying the charging infrastructure, the municipality of Amsterdam examined how you could use the energy surplus from off-peak hours during peak load times. Instead of 3 x 25 amps, the charging station on the Raamplein supplies 3 x 35 amps. It saves energy during periods of low demand. This cannot be done with a charging station for a single vehicle. This charging station can also be connected to wind or solar energy. Using FlexPower, grid operators are better able to manage supply and demand.

The OCPP 1.6 Smart Charging standard developed for FlexPower can also be used outside of Amsterdam.
Presentation Alliander – ElaadNL

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