Enervalis Den Haag:
App directs electric charger user to off-peak periods

If you want to fly during the high season, you will have to pay more than at other times. This is the principle behind the price optimisation software supplied by Enervalis in The Hague. They developed an app that allows customers to see where they can charge more cheaply at a quieter time or location. This way, Enervalis discourages customers from charging at peak times. This allows for a more efficient use of the power grid.

In the summer of 2017, Enervalis tested the app using two groups, one group without the app and one with the app. The latter did indeed adjust their charging behaviour, which saw a halving of the energy peaks. The greatest flexibility was at public charging stations in the city centre, which are used by residents without a parking space of their own.

The user group was happy with the app and the result. On the downside, new peaks were created outside of peak load times. Presentation Enervalis