E-Hub: Solar-powered electric vehicle charging station

From energy consumer to energy supplier: this is made possible by the E-Hub, developed by Gautham Ram and Novy Francis of Delft University of Technology. The key is a mechanism whereby energy from solar panels at the office can be used by an electric vehicle, but can also be stored. The stored energy can therefore be used at home, for example to heat the house.
This means the electric vehicle will not only need a converter that can convert the solar energy into energy for electric transport, but they must also be capable of using electricity from the grid and of returning electricity to the grid in their turn. Solar energy is being made suitable for small charging.

A solar-powered bidirectional EV charger of this type has already been tested in a Nissan Leaf. This E-Hub has major consequences for electricity prices. After all, a vehicle user with this kind of converter becomes an energy producer and can sell electricity to the public grid. Dutch legislation currently has no provision for this. Presentation Delft University

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