Social Charging: how to optimise efficient usage of public and private charge points

With EV sales booming, a growing number of EV drivers depend on a charging network that is rapidly becoming overburdened. While ‘hogging’ a charging point can often lead to ‘charge rage’, the majority of EV drivers want to be accommodating. Social Charging was introduced by two EV drivers who wanted to solve the problem of charging points occupied by fully charged vehicles. Social charging is an app that connects EV drivers, using smart systems and data, providing EV drivers with relevant and real-time information on available charge points.

1. Activity patterns
2. Geographic clustering and destinations
3. Separate choice models for distance, costs and speed

Tested scenarios: an increase in car sharing; switch from plug-in hybrid to full electric; strategies to increase the number of electric vehicles. You can also test a random selection of locations, an increase in unique users, an increase in peak use or how much more vulnerable the grid becomes with an increase in demand. The end result is an optimal charging infrastructure, where users are persuaded to switch to electric vehicles.


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