City policy and urban logistics

The growth of electric transport has an impact on the entire mobile infrastructure of cities. We must not only take into account the rise of electric passenger transport, but also of buses and trucks. What is the most effective way for municipalities to roll out charging infrastructure? And what does the rise of electric transport mean for urban logistics?


Optimal sizing and siting of distributed generation and EV charging stations in distribution systems

In this study, an optimal sizing and siting approach is proposed for DG units and EV charging stations. Furthermore, this study considers the time-varying nature of demand and production, which enables a more realistic outlook for the problem compared to a static consideration. The proposed approach is tested on a distribution system feeder in Istanbul, Turkey. Link to the research

Assessment of public charging infrastructure push and pull rollout strategies

Over recent years, numbers of electric vehicles (EVs) have shown a strong growth and sales are projected to continue to grow. For facilitating charging possibilities for EVs typically two rollout strategies have been applied; demand-driven and strategic rollout. This study focuses on determining the differences in performance metrics of the two rollout strategies by first defining key performance metrics. Link to the research

Fully charged: an empirical study into the factors that influence connection times at EV-charging stations

This study is the first to systematically and quantitatively explore the factors that determine the length of charging sessions at public charging stations for electric vehicles in urban areas, with particular emphasis placed on the combined parking- and charging-related determinants of connection times. Link to research

Project electric buses

Several studies on electric buses: the impact on electricity networks, market survey of electric public bus transport in Dutch cities, and more (in Dutch). ElaadNL Link to research
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