Introduction to the other charging solutions knowledge platform

Charging electric vehicles in public spaces: there is another way!

The Other Charging Solutions knowledge platform (Kennisplatform Anders Laden) is the starting point for Dutch municipalities that want to prepare for the increasing number of electric vehicles. Data, fact sheets, research, experiences and discussions about alternative charging options are all brought together in this new platform.

It can be done smarter, cheaper and more appealingly
Many more charging stations are needed to keep pace with the increasing number of electric vehicles. This comes at a price and the streets will become increasingly crowded. It can be done smarter, cheaper and more appealingly. The Hague and Arnhem have installed charging stations in existing street furniture. Rotterdam is experimenting with induction charging. In Venlo, charging points will be installed in the pavement. This is useful information to those wishing to launch new initiatives. Municipalities, market parties and researchers can find each other on the Other Charging Solutions knowledge platform.

The Other Charging Solutions knowledge platform’s website provides an overview of the infrastructure for charging electric vehicles that is already in use or currently being trialled. This includes charging points in the pavement and in lamp posts as well as circuits on subterranean compactors. The traditional lamp post on the street is no longer the only solution to the strong growth in the use of electric vehicles. Other options will have to be examined. As can be seen on the site, there are a number of smart solutions. Examples include the dual use of existing power grids for, for instance, trolleybuses and water pumping stations.

Data, fact sheets, research, project descriptions and discussions

Market parties and research institutes can use the platform to see where there is a need and what they can respond to. In their turn, they can feed their knowledge back to municipalities. The platform also has a physical character, for instance in the shape of periodic meetings. The platform brings together data, fact sheets, research, project descriptions and discussions. It has the potential to develop into a starting point for standards and research by combining data and generating new insights. The more municipalities, market parties and researchers take part, the more complete the information becomes.


Who is the platform for?

Dutch municipalities can turn to the platform with their questions and ideas. In addition, they can share their own experiences and present their projects.

What are the current solutions?
Municipalities can find an overview of all the technological, legal, organisational and financial initiatives, pilots and experiences with Other Charging Solutions. Other municipalities and parties will already have some experience of what may be new to you.

What data is already available?
Simulation models like SparkCity and available reports help users to make estimates for the charging infrastructure needed in a specific area. The more data is gathered, the more reliable and extensive these prediction models become.

What is a good solution?
Municipalities can check if a solution works and appeals to market parties and government bodies. The knowledge platform stimulates the online sharing of lessons learned.

Who can I join forces with?
Work together on trials or raise funds together. This saves money and prevents mishaps.

Periodic meetings
Market parties and research institutes share their knowledge with municipalities.

I want a sounding board!
Exchange ideas about developments, opportunities, obstacles and solutions.

Do standards already exist?
The overview of projects and experiences will lead to standards and quality marks.

Where and from whom can I get help?
Who can I put questions to regarding technological developments, legal knowledge or project experience? There are contact details for every project.

Participate or contact?
Municipalities can register, ask questions or submit their project here. For general information about the platform or to contact us, please visit

Participating experts and municipalities that have contributed: Expert group: Dutch-INCERT, ElaadNL, EVConsult, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and the University of Amsterdam. Municipalities: Amsterdam, Arnhem, Breda, Delft, The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Venlo.